Pony Club is an international agency focusing on teenagers/children character building education. Based on international PA and AEE experiential education curriculum, we create new, human-oriented and positive character education program following psychosomatic development rules. Children can receive valuable experience and spontaneously form behaviors benefiting both other people and the society […]

Member’s Promotion: Pony Club 2018 Summer Camps

On 21st&22nd of April, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China participated at the World Earth Day event in the Andaman village.     At 10 a.m, nearly 1,000 attendees participated in the charity hiking event. The length of hiking is from 2.5 to 4.9km. They breathed the fresh air in the forest for an aerobic walk.  The […]

Event Review: The Andaman World Earth Day (21&22/04)

On 1 of June 2018, Suntime Health Management is organising a free medical conference with a guest speaker Dr. John M. Norian from HRC Fertility Rancho Cucamonga California.  Dr.Norian is one of the leading Fertility Specialist in USA, his expertise includes IVF, IVF with donor oocytes, and gestational surrogacy. He […]

Member’s Promotion: Suntime HRC

On Thursday 19th of April, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China organised the third Career Insights Day for Students. The aim of this event was to introduce different academic opportunities available for high school students, to talk about an international learning environment, to give the students insight into various […]

Event Review: Career Insights Day (19/04)

This article is taken from The Guardian International Edition and it was published on 11th of April 2018. House of Fraser will begin stocking “premium Chinese brands” in its department stores as part of an effort by its parent company to burnish the image of goods made in China and […]

House of Fraser to push luxury Chinese products in the ...

This article is taken from en.people.cn website and it was published on 13th of April 2018. A national scale that measures the English competency of language learners was issued by the Ministry of Education and State Language Commission on Thursday. The scale will take effect on June 1. With a […]

China issues new criteria to measure English competency

April News Round Up   Billionaire capital of the world China has by far the most billionaires of any country in the world. An additional 210 new billionaires last year brought China’s total to 819 billionaires, with 131 of them living in Beijing – making China’s capital the billionaire capital […]

April News Round Up

This article is taken from ChinaDaily.com.cn and it was written on  17th of April 2018. A Department for International Trade spokesperson said: “The Belt and Road Initiative holds significant commercial potential for the UK – from supporting sustainable infrastructure to digital innovation and public health. “As an international economic department, […]

UK business leaders welcome Xi comments at Boao Forum

  China’a Energy Storage     Charging into the future by Jake Mendrik In 2017 a number of countries have actively promoted innovation within the energy storage industry in order to take advantage of new technologies and ensure the maximum potential of their energy-producing capabilities. Britain has taken a lead […]

China’a Energy Storage

This article is taken from ChinaDaily website and it was written on 13th of April 2018. China Merchants Bank, allied with the British Council, has sponsored a new program targeting younger Chinese overseas students, providing them with comprehensive information on choosing from available UK boarding schools. In recent years, China […]

CMB to assist prospective UK boarding students