Coding First: Junior Programmer in Chengdu

Job Position: Junior Programmer at Coding First (Chengdu) 编程第一(成都)招聘启事

About us 关于我们

• We are a start-up programming company in Chengdu with special focus on teaching youth age 518 about programming, application development and game development. We help youth develop strong logic and programming skills in order for them to be successful later in life and easily find jobs. • 我们是成都一家外国专家创办的初创公司,培训年龄在 4-18 岁的青少年学习编程,包括编程、 应用程序开发和游戏开发等等。 我们帮助青少年培养强大的逻辑和编程能力,以便他们在未来 的数字时代赢得优势并取得事业上的成功。

Job description for Junior Programmer/初级程序员职位描述

• This is a great opportunity for a fresh graduate programmer to fully engage in a start-up business. It is not just only a job, but a career that may lead you to join a vibrant, cross-cultural, entrepreneurial company with great potential to become a future partner. You will be responsible for teaching children programming, age 5-18 years old! You will also participate in the adult programming teaching program. During your employment, we will provide continuous training for you to learn and improve your programming and data analysis skills. • 这个职位对于一个应届毕业生程序员来说是一个大好的机会!这不只是一份工作,还是一份事 业,可能会引领你加盟一家朝气蓬勃的、跨文化双语的、具有极大潜力的创业公司,成为未来 合伙人。 你将负责教孩子们的编程,年龄 4-18 岁! 您还将参与成人编程教学计划。 在您的就 业期间,我们将为您不断地提供学习和提高您的编程和数据分析技能的培训。 • Trips to different schools in Chengdu may is required • 随着业务的发展,还可能在成都市内的几所教学点之间旅行。

Experience& requirements/经验要求

• Fluent in English and Mandarin. 流利的普通话和英语。 • Loves to work with kids, patient and with a very positive attitude and energy. 喜欢与儿童一起, 阳光、耐心并具备正能量。 • Bachelor degree in sciences (computer science, math or physics).本科理工学位 • Good academic record. 相关学业优良。 • Programming knowledge or experience is required. Fresh graduates are welcome.不需要工作经 验,欢迎应届毕业生和实习应届实习生。 • Knowledge of application development is a big plus. 最好会开发应用程序。 • Regularly develop teaching curriculum for kids. 定期为儿童开发编程相关课程。 • Proficiency in C++, Python or JAVA is a big plus. 精通 C++或 Java 更佳。
Why work for us?/为什么加盟?
• Rewarding strong and consistent performance. 具有竞争力的薪酬与回报机制。 • Unique chance to work with an organization that is committed to improving the educational level of kids. 独特的机会加盟致力于青少年早期编程培训的跨文化、跨国专家创业企业。 • Opportunities for skill development and advancement in your work. 公司将不断提供相关技能和 职业发展规划。 • In addition to teaching, you will be regularly engaged in learning. Intensive training will be provided. 除了教学之外,您还需要接受不断的、强化的培训。

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