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该报告已与英国国际贸易部和中国商务部 (商务部) 进行了讨论。上周, 商会已前往伦敦, 与英国政府和企业讨论该文件。尽管报告强调了存在摩擦的领域, 但总体上不仅是对近期变化的积极概述, 也是对英中贸易持续增长潜力的积极概述。 中国英国商会首次发布的《2019年在华英国企业建议书》中文版现可正式下载。 想更多了解在华英国企业在中国的发展状况,各行业所面临的营商环境和市场准入问题,经商建议和未来发展机遇,请详细阅读《建议书》,希望商会提供的建议能有效利用,帮助在华英国企业取得成功,推动中英经济合作发展。 扫描二维码下载建议书


Sino-British Cultural Exchange Event On May 19th a Sino-British Cultural Exchange, hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce, was held at Yu Cui Gardens. After the registration process, the cultural exchange got into swing with a visit to Yu Cui Chinese Garden. The owner of the Chinese Garden, Mr. Huo, […]

Sino-British Cultural Exchange Event

What the Chamber is looking for: A hard-working and dedicated college junior, senior, or recent graduate who is looking to gain valuable work experience in the field of Chamber of Commerce, NGO, and event planning. Creative, innovative, and willing to work with a team to inject a positive attitude into […]

The BritCham is looking for an Office Intern