Join us this Thursday at our quarterly Education Focus Group meeting, alongside key industry stakeholders including international schools, language schools, education-consulting and extra-curricular companies.  This event will be a great chance to meet our core Education Focus Group members and to gain an exclusive insight into the British Education sector, as well as […]

Upcoming Event | Education Focus Group Meeting

该报告已与英国国际贸易部和中国商务部 (商务部) 进行了讨论。上周, 商会已前往伦敦, 与英国政府和企业讨论该文件。尽管报告强调了存在摩擦的领域, 但总体上不仅是对近期变化的积极概述, 也是对英中贸易持续增长潜力的积极概述。 中国英国商会首次发布的《2019年在华英国企业建议书》中文版现可正式下载。 想更多了解在华英国企业在中国的发展状况,各行业所面临的营商环境和市场准入问题,经商建议和未来发展机遇,请详细阅读《建议书》,希望商会提供的建议能有效利用,帮助在华英国企业取得成功,推动中英经济合作发展。 扫描二维码下载建议书


Members | Job Vacancies Senior Trade and Investment Officer,  Retail, Creative Industries. The British Government is an inclusive and diversity-friendly employer.  We value difference, promote equality and challenge discrimination, enhancing our organisational capability. We welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis […]

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British Chambers’ Outreach Initiative Led by its Chairman, Nicholas Holt, the British Chamber of Commerce in China have kickstarted its first ever ‘door-knock’ outreach to London by promoting the historical Position Paper. The main principle of the British chambers’ ‘door-knock’ programme is to meet with British politicians, officials and organisations […]

Who have we presented the inaugural Position Paper to?

Sino-British Cultural Exchange Event On May 19th a Sino-British Cultural Exchange, hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce, was held at Yu Cui Gardens. After the registration process, the cultural exchange got into swing with a visit to Yu Cui Chinese Garden. The owner of the Chinese Garden, Mr. Huo, […]

Sino-British Cultural Exchange Event

On April 11th, 2019 the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China held its Annual General Meeting at the Crowne Plaza Chengdu City Centre. The British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China kindly welcomed its members along to its Annual General Meeting, celebrating another successful year in its 22 years of history. […]

Please Meet the New 2019 BritCham SW Executive Committee

The “Belt and Road” Exhibition was  opened in “Yu” 渝 One Belt and One Road’ Famous Exhibition, Chongqing was opened at the Guobo Center, featuring famous brands from 38 countries and regions on five continents. November 23rd is a professional audience day. Famous items such as Persian carpets in Iran, red […]

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当日活动预览 Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 2018.11.24 | 17:00 迷你圣诞集市&萌宠爱心领养 Boutique Christmas Bazaar Chengdu Adoption Day Collaboration 2018.11.24 | 18:00 圣诞树点灯仪式,唱诗班表演 Performance, Carolling  Up-Cycled Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony   Please click “read more” at the bottom of the post for more details! 请点击文章左下方“阅读全文”获取更多信息!

Members Event | The Temple House

  The Chengdu InterChamber Autumn Mixer event took place recently at Jinyue Restaurant Jinjiang Chengdu on Thursday 11th of October. Co-organised by: Britcham, AmCham, European Chamber, AustCham, SingCham, German Chamber, Italy Chamber, CCI France Chine and Hongkong Chamber. 中国西南英国商会于10月11日星期四晚在成都锦江宾馆举办了2018成都秋季商会酒会。这次活动由英商会、中国西南美国商会联合、澳大利亚商会、新加坡商会、欧盟商会、德国商会、意大利商会、法国工商会以及中国香港商会联合举办。               Networking at the Autumn InterChamber Mixer […]

Event Review | Chengdu Autumn InterChamber mixer

After strong competition from companies across China and the United Kingdom, 43 finalists have now been selected for the 2018 British Business Awards. 在经过所有英国在华公司和中国在英公司的激烈竞争,总共有 43 个企业入围 2018 年英国 商业大奖决赛。 Beijing, 26 September 2018 – After a rigorous vetting process of applications for the 2018 British Business Awards, finalists for each […]

Announcing the Finalists of the 2018 British Business Awards