On 12th of June 2018, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China’s Education and Training Focus Group organised an event in order to gauge an annual review of Education as a business area. The meeting was also a way to introduce the new Executive Committee and we welcomed Roman Leung […]

Event Review | School’s Out For Summer (12/06)

Pony Club is an international agency focusing on teenagers/children character building education. Based on international PA and AEE experiential education curriculum, we create new, human-oriented and positive character education program following psychosomatic development rules. Children can receive valuable experience and spontaneously form behaviors benefiting both other people and the society […]

Member’s Promotion: Pony Club 2018 Summer Camps

  Congratulations to our new member : Jade Learning House’s Grand Opening on Feb. 3rd.  A new education centre in Chengdu!  阳光晴好的2月3日周六下午,迎来了嘉德美润儿童之家首个开放日。 Our first open day came on a sunny Saturday afternoon, Feb 3rd, 2018.  我们可爱的小马驹 小飞侠早早的就在门口迎接家长和孩子们。引得孩子们充满了好奇,纷纷上前抚摸。 Our little pony, Peter Pan, is waiting for our parents and children at the gate. Out […]

Jade Learning Grand Open Day 嘉德美润儿童之家首个开放日精彩回顾

Career Insights Day will be held as a focus for international school students aged 14-18. Industry Experts (5-6 speakers) from different industries are invited to give a presentation focusing on their experience in their respective fields. Students will gain insight into the various industries and learn about the requirements and career pathways. […]

19th of April, Career Insights Day Booth Opportunity

The British Chamber of Commerce, Southwest China hosted a Cybersecurity talk at the JLL offices in Chongqing. The event aimed to explain why cybersecurity is important, give a general overview of cybersecurity regulations, analyse the new PRC cyber security law and demonstrate how the new law impacts foreign businesses. Many […]

Cybersecurity seminar 17/01/18

主办单位:北京盈科成都律师事务所 本课程为实操性课程,以案说法,以案例为中心,以人力资源管理六大模块为主干,通过实战演练,从选、用、育、留各方面深入详细地解读、分析其中存在的法律风险。本课程将帮助学员形成体系性的风险解决思维,掌握用工风险防范体系建立的方法。 本课程为2天1晚高强度课程,将通过大量案例讲解、演练、分析,帮助学员掌握日常管理工作中所要涉及到的法律法规及相关法律法规应如何在实际工作中进行正确地运用。2天1晚的头脑风暴、200多个风险点的解读,将强化训练学员的法律思维、证据意识,帮助学员建立起系统的风险防范工作体系。 本课程适应对象:总经理、企业高管(分管人力资源)、人资总监、人资经理等。要求从事人力资源管理工作5年以上。 课程时间:2017年6月17日-18日 17日:9:00-12:00;2:00-5:00;6:00-9:00 18日:9:00-12:00;2:00-5:00 地点:成都市锦江区锦华路三段汇融国际A座20楼 授课老师:漆明律师。 北京盈科(成都)律师事务所高级合伙人 成都市劳动人事争议仲裁委员会仲裁员 四川大学商学院MBA中心特聘讲师 四川大学商学院MBA中心职业发展顾问。 费用:3680(平均每小时245元),含培训费、工作餐(2午餐+1晚餐)、茶歇、课程讲义+HR必读法律法规,颁发盈科所《企业用工风险管理培训》结业证书。 报名微信:18628328705(微信号qme-qqme) 缴费:微信转账(微信号qme-qqme),需要开发票的请事先注明。 备注:20人小班课。20人开班,20名之后报名的将安排至下期班。 报名顺序以缴费先后时间为准。 本课程首先是一门管理课程,其次才是法律课程! 企业用工风险管理首先是人力资源管理,其次才是法律风险管理!用工风险管理不是与人力资源管理并列的法律管理,而是融入于人力资源管理体系之中的人力资源管理的一部分。 附:课程目录 第一节 劳资关系与劳资冲突 第二节 招聘过程中的常见错误及由此引发的法律风险 第三节 录用环节常见法律风险及应对措施 第四节 新人报到环节的重要事项及试用期的法律风险 第五节 与劳动合同有关的法律风险 第六节 考勤、假期及加班的法律风险及应对措施 第七节 培训与培养之法律风险 第八节 规章制度的法律地位与条款设计 第九节 薪酬与年终奖 第十节 劳动关系解除之法律风险及解决方案 第十一节 医疗期、三期及情势变迁之风险规避 第十二节 用工模式的选择


On Saturday 21st January, the 5th Annual Burns Night was once again successfully held by the British Chamber of Commerce in China & China-British Business Council (BritCham/CBBC) and the Chengdu Single-Malt Whisky Club (CMWC), at Diamond Bay Health and Lifestyle Centre. It was a cheerful night for all of us […]

5th Annual Burns Night Review

On Saturday December 10th, the British Chamber once again joined with the other international Chambers of Commerce in Chengdu to host the annual InterChamber Charity Christmas Dinner, this year Chirstmas would be a little different as we celebrated ‘Bad Santa’.   Participating Chambers included: British, European Union, United States, French, […]

Event Review: 2016 Bad Santa Christmas Party