The strong cultural and creative ties between the UK and China were celebrated and strengthened today (Thursday 7 December) in a clear demonstration of the large demand for UK goods and services in global markets. As well as strengthening collaboration between the two countries on mutually important cultural issues, commercial […]

Creative partnerships strengthen trade ties between UK and China

DeVere Group are an international independent financial advisory organisation who operate in a vast array of markets around the world. On 21st and 22nd of November, in Chongqing and Chengdu respectively, Phil Morris – a deVere financial advisor based in Shanghai, held seminars regarding expat finance management. The seminars were […]

Event Review: Financial Advice for Expat Professionals Seminar

This year’s report, which gives our forecasts for 2018, highlights how old ways of making money are fast going out of fashion. Perhaps the starkest example of this is in retailing, where online selling is dramatically disrupting the traditional shopping culture.  That industry is not alone. Telecoms companies are facing […]

Economist Intelligence Unit Report – Industries in 2018

A number of CBI members were busy raising their profile in China in November, engaging in many exciting activities across a wide range of industries. We would like to share with you our latest briefing highlighting the successes of these CBI members in China. Read the whole report here: CBI China […]

Celebrating CBI Member Success in China & UK-China Monthly Roundup ...

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British Consulate-General: Business is Great – Fact sheets for Southwest ...

This report seeks to examine the impact of UK investment by mapping trade and investment flows into China and will provide useful insights to British and Chinese businesses and policymakers alike. In this, the first edition of our Sterling Assets: China report, the CbI is pleased to show that the […]

CBI: Sterling Assets: China ”British Investment in China’s growth”, November ...

成都经济要闻选编 Outline of Major Economic News of Chengdu (第 219-Two Hundred and Nineteenth Edition) 成都市投资促进委员会 CHENGDU MUNICIPAL INVESTMENT PROMOTION COMMISSION 2017 年 8 月 31 日 AUGUST 31, 2017 1、海归就业创业 成都吸引力位列全国第三(2017-08-18) 17 日,全球化智库(CCG)与智联招聘联合发布的《2017 中国海归就业创业调查 报告》显示,海归创业选择的城市中,北京、上海、成都分别以 24.3%、8.1%、6.6% 的占比位列前三。受访者表示,选择这些城市创业主要是考虑到经济发展、人脉关系、 环境舒适、文化多元包容性强、资源集中等方面的因素。 Chengdu Ranks No.3 for Attractiveness to Overseas Returnees On August 17, CCG, […]

Chengdu Municipal Investment Promotion Commission: Economic News of Chengdu (219th ...