10 Questions for Companies in China to Ask about Cyber Security & Data Protection

Data protection and its misuse for commercial gain are issues which face governments across the globe. With over 680 million active internet users (2015), China is no exception.

Clyde & Co. have looked at the current state of the law in China regarding data protection and security to set out 10 key questions companies operating in China should ask when considering their data storage and e-commerce policies:

  1. Are you responsible for the protection of personal information?
  2. What type of information do you handle?
  3. How do you collect information?
  4. Do you tell the user what you are doing?
  5. Do you ask permission first?
  6. How do you process and manage information?
  7. Do you allow the user to check their own information?
  8. Do you transfer information to a third part or an associated entity?
  9. Do you delete information?
  10. Have you got a user agreement?

To read the in-depth article, see here.