CBRE | How Global is the Business of Retail?

This report analyses the operational networks of 334 leading international retailers across 61 countries, and covers the vast majority of the world economy.

“Overall, new cross-border retailer activity grew modestly in 2015, with the number of new entrants at city level up by 3.1%. This reflects the increasing number of retailers that are crossing borders to grow their businesses. By contrast, the rate of expansion amongst the sample of 334 leading retailers has slowed – their footprint at city level grew by just 1.6% last year”.

The aim of the report is three-fold:

  • To map the footprint of leading global retailers at country level and 191 of the world’s largest cities.
  • To examine the extent to which retailers have expanded their global operations in 2015.
  • To provide a definitive benchmark against which to measure future changes in the global retail environment.

Download the report here.