EU SME Centre | Webinar Update

The EU SME Centre has released a review of their most recent webinar ‘How to Market Your Small Business in China on a Shoestring’.

The EU SME Centre’s most recent webinar explained how European small businesses can develop an effective marketing strategy and implementation plan to engage more Chinese consumers on a shoestring budget.

Marketing products and services and engaging consumers in China is a challenging task, especially for small businesses with limited resources and support. The fast development of the Internet and digital media in the country provides SMEs with more diversified, direct and affordable channels to reach targeted consumers. However, it is still not clear for many European SMEs how to make the most of such new channels for their businesses.

The Centre has also conducted a survey to evaluate how familiar European SMEs are with WeChat and how they use it for business. Take look at the key findings here.

This Friday’s EU SME Seminar Series in Beijing, will discuss the topic of Sports Marketing in China, looking into consumer trends in the sports market and sharing a number of case studies of European small businesses in this field.


Please click here for a video review of the webinar.