Latest Business Newsletters of Chengdu Available Now

The two latest Business Newsletters of Chengdu are now available.

Chengdu’s first voluntary service base for foreigners was established on June 7 and the first group of student volunteers will soon be arriving from 10 different countries in order to support foreigners living in Chengdu and improve cultural exchange.  A special railway line in Qingbaijiang Logistics Centre has been approved by the Sichuan Reform and Development Commission. After its completion, the line will significantly reduce cost of raw material and transport for in-park companies, meet growing logistic demands in Chengdu.
Chengdu and SINOPHARM agreed to deepen strategic cooperation on June 16 and will partner in fields such as blood products, TCM, vaccine, new drugs, technology transfer and health information service, and the building up of Tianfu International Biological City. On June 26, Qianhai Industrial fund, the first government-invested fund, was officially set up in Chengdu with a primary fund of 40 billion RMB and subordinate fund of over 200 billion RMB.

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