CBBC Insights: Education| Seeking the Best of Both Worlds in China’s Education System

There has been many debates on the strengths and weaknesses of China’s education system.

The East vs. West model of education debate has circled for years, but the answer does not lie simply in a “one or the other” response. Rather, a combination of the strengths of both systems working simultaneously to drill academic discipline and a strong mastery of basic knowledge is what is needed. The Chinese system at its core is effective- it has created outstanding pupils in many areas of education and there is much that the West can learn from it.

Proactive communication with parents, who are naturally keen to ensure that their children are successful in exams and gain entry to high level universities, is also important. Parents who can see that academic success can be complemented by student involvement and their personal development outside the classroom are more likely to be supportive of new ideas and investing time in these programmes.

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