Urboso partner with World-Leading Architectural School for Creative Pipe Project

From 16th July – 24th Jul. 2016, the world’s top architectural school – the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) cooperated with Urboso ltd to deliver a design event at Chengdu’s iBox Creative Park called Marking the City, which is part of the AA’s Global Visiting School.



Since founded in 1847, the AA School has renowned for its pioneering teaching method of experimental architectures. It is at the cutting edge of worldwide architecture, with more than 3000 registered members.




The teaching philosophy of AA school is to promote innovative application of advanced building materials and explore the possibility of applying eco-friendly materials to other industries that go beyond construction. Mr. Stewart Dodd, Professor Jason Griffiths and Mr. Joao Lemos, as the tutors of the activity, had made three visits to our production base. After rounds of communication with Urboso team, they accredited the quality of the eco-friendly plastic pipes produced by Urboso, and selected Urboso as the exclusive material supplier in the activity. Under the guidance of famous architecture tutors, students from different universities in Southwestern China, Australia, USA and the UK majoring in Architecture, art and design, explored the possibilities of adapting industrial plastic pipes to other fields.




The quality of Urboso’s product was highly praised by the tutors and students who participated in the activity. We also sent our engineers and technician team to give technical advice and training to the students. All students and tutors are unanimous in praising the expertise of Urboso team.



Urboso’s constant innovation is dedicated to delivering care with our piping network. Working with the world’s most innovative architectural school has broadened our horizon for adapting the use traditional pipes for other non-construction purposes. The activity has drawn the attention of various circles within the local community. The activity site had become a new rendezvous that the nearby citizens could spend their leisure time with their family or friends. Urboso helped traditional pipes to be seen in the city rather than hidden underground or behind walls. Our pipes add to the city, as we always believe in ‘Growing with Urban Life’.
AA – the Architectural Association School of Architecture
The Architectural Association School of Architecture is one of the top-rated architectural schools in the world. As an important division of AA, AAVS (Architectural Association Visiting School) serves the purpose of educating local young architects and students with pioneering architectural concepts in different countries and cities. AAVS had set up workshops in 35 different countries/regions. Currently AAVS are running three workshops in China, namely Beijing Workshop (in Tsinghwa University), Shanghai Workshop (in Tongji University) and Chengdu Workshop (in iBOX Creative Park).
AA’s Distinguished Alumni
Beijing Galaxy SOHO, Architect: Zaha Hadid
Beijing CCTV Building, Architect: Rem Koolhaas OMA
Centre National d’art et de Culture Georges Pompidou, Architect:Lord Richard Rogers
Cattle Back Mountain Volunteer Home, Architect: Li Daode