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A grand signing ceremony on bilateral cooperation between Savills and Shin Kong Place Chongqing took place recently, witnessed by the British Consulate General in Chongqing and the Department for International Trade, UK. Savills officially became the exclusive partner of Shin Kong Place Chongqing for attracting investment.

品牌实力 蜚声商界

Strength of Brand, Renowned in Business


Founded in 1989, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi welcomes over 100 million visits a year in Taiwan with 16 stores and 22 halls. It is one of the most valuable Taiwan department store. Shin Kong Place Chongqing is an important investment of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi in mainland China.


Shin Kong Place Chongqing aims at building itself into an iconic landmark in Yubei district integrating lifestyle, art, shopping and dining and ultimately becoming the “Premium Shopping and Lifestyle Center in the Upper Reaches of Yangtze River”. Its exterior incorporated Chongqing elements and inside, a magnificent and mysterious “City of Sky” was erected.



Savills has extensive experience in terms of store and retail services. After winning the trust of Shin Kong Place Chongqing, Savills became the exclusive agency to invite business and attract investment for it. By the time Shin Kong Place Chongqing was opened, 30% of the brands at least have entered Chongqing market through Savills.

国际背景 强强联手

International Background, Power to Power Cooperation

随着全球经济不断发展,英国企业在中国的业务开展越来越广,这与英国国际贸易部的支持与协助有密切的关系。英国商业、能源与产业战略部常务次官兼英国国际贸易部代理常务次官马丁·唐纳利爵士(Sir Martin Donnelly)与英国驻重庆总领事艾佩诗(Cecille El Beleidi)一起,共同见证了以第一太平戴维斯为代表的英国企业参与重庆著名商业街区设计、开发和商业管理的“英国-重庆商务合作签约仪式”。

With the global economy continuously developing, the business landscape of British companies is also expanding in China, which, to a large extent, is attributed to the support and assistance of the Department for International Trade. Sir Martin Donnelly, Permanent Secretary for the Department for International Trade and the joint Permanent Secretary at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, joined Cecille El Beleidi, British Consul-General, Chongqing to witness the ” Signing Ceremony on UK – Chongqing Business Cooperation” through which British companies, with Savills as the representative, would be able to play a role in the design, development, and commercial management of the famous commercial street of Chongqing.