Communication Director’s Reserve Fund – Open for Bidding

The Communication Director’s Reserve Fund is now open for bidding. Bid for up to £10, 000 for projects or work that demonstrate initiative and innovation in communication. This broadly means: a communication campaign (on-line or off-line, not just an event or visit) that is new, a change to an existing way of working or a solution to an issue.

This fund is to support the new Global Britain campaign, which is developed against the Brexit context and aims at promoting UK’s position in the global interactions, changing people’s perception that UK only focuses on EU. If you have any issue/obstacles in your work that you think a communication campaign may help with, or a communication campaign may help add value to what you plan to do, please feel free to talk to me by 4 Nov so that we can work together to develop it into a communication campaign and bid for the fund by 11th Nov. In theory, the planning and delivery of the campaign will be lead by the comms team.

Decisions on bids will be made by London by the end of November. Note that funds cannot be used to pay for staff and must be spent by the end of the financial year.

For more info contact: