Welcome to Intern China’s unique and unrivalled homestay programme. We have arranged host families for hundreds of interns for almost a decade,  facilitating unique experiences and cultural insights which you will not get anywhere else in the world. We have a network of over 500 families in Qingdao, Zhuhai, Chengdu and Dalian, who are all keen to host interns like you. China is gradually opening up to the world, so our programme is not only designed to give international students an insight into Chinese culture, but giving many local families an insight into foreign culture.

You will be treated as a normal member of the family during your stay and therefore get a perfect insight into Chinese daily habits and customs. You will get to know the family well, so that you can go beyond typical small talk which Chinese people often have with foreigners. The family will include you in their daily activities – this can be simply watching TV, but you might also play Chinese games such as Mah-jong, go for trips out and around the city to their favourite places, go for meals with their friends and much more!

As breakfast, evening meals and shared use of all facilities in the home are included in the price of our homestay programme, it is also one of the cheapest forms of accommodation for short stays in China. We pay a generous rent to our host families, but we find that the vast majority are motivated by the cultural exchange involved rather than the extra income. It is only relatively recently that such opportunities are even possible for regular Chinese families. We visit every single host family to ensure the safety and comfort of their apartment and that the family themselves are motivated to host interns for the right reasons. Almost every family has a family member who speaks good English, but you will inevitably learn a lot about non-verbal communication to get your point across. The homestay also gives you an unrivaled chance to improve your Chinese, no matter what your level at the beginning of the stay.

We make sure each family’s apartment has a western-style toilet in the bathroom and is furnished with standard home appliances like internet, a TV, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave etc. For special requests we will always do our best to make sure your host family has the facilities or can provide for your special dietary needs as you require.