2017 British Festival in Southwest China

We would like to invite you and your company to be part of the ‘British Festival’ which the Consulate-General is organising from May through to the end of June 2017.   The attached pitch-book provides more detail.

THIS FESTIVAL IS NOT AN EVENT. Rather, it is a name given to a period of time in which events/activity held by UK and UK related companies and organisations such as yours will be supported and promoted as part of a ‘festival’.

Please let us know if your company would like to sponsor the festival or deliver an event as part of this high profile GREAT campaign which will reach over 20 million people in Southwest China. Please then respond with your requested sponsorship type or a proposed event which you would like to hold in this period before 28 April 2017.   All involvement will be reviewed by the Consul General. The lead contact for this event is Summer Chen who can be reached by phone or email – +023 63691551/+86 15213274037, chen.yiping@fco.gov.uk. Please do not hesitate to contact Summer with any queries.

我们诚邀您及贵公司参加英国驻重庆总领事馆即将在五月至六月底举办的为期1个月的2017英国嘉年华。本次英国嘉年华并不是一个单一的活动。它更多的是在这一个月内由多个由英国或与英国相关企业/组织(例如贵公司)组织的系列活动,我们把它冠以“嘉年华”来予以支持和推广。本次活动将使用英国政府成功的GREAT品牌并聚焦在西南地区,受众人数将达到2000万人。敬请翻阅随邮件附上的宣传手册。如果贵公司有意赞助或协办本次活动,请于4月28日之前将您有意的赞助/协办方式告知我们。最终的参与形式会由总领事评估后决定。如有任何疑问,请电话/电邮联系我馆陈伊娉小姐 (+023 63691551/+86 15213274037, chen.yiping@fco.gov.uk),我们期待您的垂询。