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A number of CBI members were busy raising their profile in China in December, engaging in many exciting activities across a wide range of industries. We would like to share with you our latest briefing highlighting the successes of these CBI members in China. Read the whole report here: CBI China […]

Celebrating CBI Member Success in China & UK-China Monthly Roundup ...

The China-Britain Business Council has unveiled the inaugural China-Scotland Business Awards, with The Herald as media partner. To be held on February 1, between the annual celebration of Burns Night and Chinese New Year, the awards will showcase the progress and achievements of the relationship between the countries as investment from China becomes […]

Scotland and China links to be showcased at inaugural China-Scotland ...

On Saturday 2nd of December the annual Charity Christmas Party Chengdu took place. Click here to read the event review and check out all pictures that were taken during this event.  Besides celebrating Christmas and having a good time with friends, family and other (inter)nationals in Chengdu, this year’s party […]

Charity Christmas Party 2017 – Together we raised 55,683 RMB

An interview by CGTN (previously CCTV NEWS) last Friday with Lord Sassoon who was in Beijing for the UK-China Financial Summit which is part of the 9th China-UK Economic and Financial Dialogue (中英经济财金对话). Complete interview text can be found here: To watch the interview video, please click: Read […]

CGTN Interview with Lord Sassoon during the 9th China-UK Economic ...

BEIJING (Reuters) – China and Britain have vowed to continue and strengthen cooperation on a wide range of economic, financial and trade issues, including speeding the introduction of a London-Shanghai stock connect program. Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond attends the UK-China Economic Financial Dialogue at the Diaoyutai State […]

China, UK vow to bolster economic cooperation, speed up stock ...

The Temple Café collaborates with Bonpoint during this winter for a “Pink Christmas Afternoon Tea,” available daily from 11th of December 2017 until the end of January 2018 (RMB228/2 persons). 博舍The Temple Café 咖啡厅与法国知名童装品牌 Bonpoint 携手推出粉色圣诞下午茶。从2017年12月11日起至2018年1月底,于The Temple Café 咖啡厅温馨特供。    This collaboration expresses both brands’ deep understanding of French luxury […]

The Temple Café: x Bonpoint Christmas Afternoon Tea 咖啡厅携手Bonpoint推出粉色圣诞下午茶 邂逅精粹法式生活

问: 外国人为什么要选择住在中国家庭? 1.真正体验中国生活,了解中国、体验中国文化 2.学习、练习汉语 3.喜欢中国饭菜 4.结交中国朋友 问:中国家庭为什么要接收外国大学生寄宿? 1.家长或孩子可以每天和外国人用外语交流(英语、德语、法语等)低成本拥有纯正语言环境,快速提高外语水平 2.交流中了解外国风土人情,外国礼仪、文化,想出国的家庭成员的“预先培训” 3.打算出国留学的家庭成员从寄宿的外国朋友那里了解外国大学基本情况,为选学校、专业、城市提供参考 4.结交外国朋友 5.一些家长孩子在国外,自己找人做伴 6.先后接收多个国家的外国朋友,了解世界,让世界了解中国 问:对寄宿家庭有什么要求吗? 家庭的基本要求: 1.为外国学生准备一个独立的房间 2.允许外国学生和家人一起用早、晚餐(周一至周五),早、中、晚餐(周六、日) 3.供外国学生使用的厕所为西式测试(马桶) 4.在主城区内,地铁和公交能直达最好 5.家庭成员最好能有一位能用英语进行沟通基本 问:来到这边的学生是来做什么的呢? 1.来到这边的学生大多为欧洲的大学生,有在校的或者毕业的名校学生,他们喜爱中国文化,或者本科学习的跟中国有关的专业,所以选择来到中国实习。 问:关于寄宿时长和补贴 接待时间:全年都有 寄宿时长:2周-4个月。 补贴:1300/月

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