The Dairy Market in China: Business Opportunities and Challenges

The EU SME Centre’s new report helps European dairy brands gain the best insights into the Chinese market, having sufficient and reliable data and information on hand to make the right business decisions when it comes to China. This 65-page report reveals detailed market data and analysis for the major categories of dairy products within the sector, covering milk, infant milk formula, cheese, yoghurt and ice cream.  

For each category, you will find valuable data on the market size, import trend by value and volume, insights to market drivers and Chinese consumer behaviour and a list of international and domestic players in the market. You will also learn which countries are leading the dairy products exports to China by category and the best-selling brands in the market.

It is worth reading if you want to cope with the vast array of required knowledge to sell dairy products in China, to use it as sales or planning tool, keep track of information, or give better advice as a consultant to your own clients. Read the full introduction here.