Daily archives: 22/02/2017

Focus of the Month  本月聚焦     146 national high-tech zones in 2016 income of 2.83 billion yuan 146家国家高新区2016年收入28.3亿元 在世界经济发展整体下行态势中,我国战略性新兴产业可谓“风景独好”,产业增长点正加速形成。十二五期间,146家国家高新区营业收入保持年均17.4%的增长速度,2016年营业收入预计可达28.3亿元。 In the overall trend of world economic development, China’s strategic emerging industries can be described as “scenery alone”, industrial growth is accelerating the formation. During the second five, 146 national […]

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