Springtime Afternoon Tea Returns to The Temple House with Zhuyeqing

Springtime Afternoon Tea Returns to The Temple House with Zhuyeqing

Springtime is Tea Time at MI XUN TEAHOUSE

(Chengdu, 20th March 2017) Following the success of last year’s highly-acclaimed springtime afternoon tea set at MI XUN Teahouse, the Temple House is collaborating once again with premium Chinese tea brand Zhuyeqing to create a new Chinese-style afternoon tea experience for 2017. Under the theme “Embrace Spring”, the new afternoon tea set will be available at MI XUN Teahouse from March 20 onwards.

It has been said by tea-loving Sichuanese that “spring starts with a cup of Zhuyeqing Tea”. For these devotees, the beginning of spring is not just marked by the blossoming of flowers or the sprouting of young leaves, but by the delightful fragrance of Zhuyeqing Tea. As this beautiful season restores our natural surroundings to stunning greens and colourful blooms, enjoying this cheerful scene with a freshly brewed cup of tea is undeniably one of life’s most perfect simple pleasures

The afternoon tea set from MI XUN Teahouse and Zhuyeqing Tea invites guests to enjoy the warmth and charm of a spring afternoon to its fullest. Situated in a restored century-old heritage building, the MI XUN teahouse is immersed within an ambience of elegance and tranquility, providing a peaceful haven from the stresses and worries of the day. Known for its subtle, long-lasting fragrance and the appearance of its fresh, whole tea leaves dancing slowly in the water, Zhuyeqing tea allows one to slow down and take their time, making it the ideal drink to help one to re-center and find their inner calm. This collaboration between MI XUN Teahouse and Zhuyeqing Tea is designed to offer a relaxed and leisurely spring afternoon experience. 

Priced at RMB208 (with Zhuyeqing or Bitanpiaoxue premium grade tea) and RMB228 (with Zhuyeqing or Bitanpiaoxue luxury grade tea) for two persons, the springtime afternoon tea set is available daily between 14:30 and 17:30. Each set is served with a selection of fine Chinese-style sweets, specially created in-house by the MI XUN resident chef and presented on a stylish three-tier serving stand. The first tier bears adorable Panda Crisp Cakes, the second tier is laden with Matcha Cookies stamped with bamboo motifs and nutritious Goji Berry Coconut Pudding, while the third tier offers two fragrant tea-infused treats: Tea Scented Yam Balls and Zhuyeqing Tea Aloe Vera Cakes. Inspired by Sichuan elements and traditional tea culture, the sweets are pleasantly fresh and light on the palate, making them the perfect accompaniment for Zhuyeqing tea. Guests who order the springtime afternoon tea will also receive a panda-themed gift set comprising a postcard and canvas bag (limited to the first five guests every day).

Rediscover the beauty of spring with our indulgent afternoon tea experience at MI XUN Teahouse.


Experience premium Chinese tea at an authentic oriental tea house

About The Temple House    

The Temple House is located in the heart of the city within the Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu. The 100-room hotel and its 42 adjoining serviced apartments form an integral part of the city government’s conservation project to preserve the surrounding heritage buildings next to the thousand-year-old Daci Temple. The three-dimensional woven façade combines modern design with the traditional Chengdu architectural elements of timber, brick and step stones. Elegant bamboo trees frame the hotel’s entrance, which is set in a beautifully restored hundred-year-old Chinese courtyard building first built in the Qing Dynasty. The Temple House also offers a dynamic collection of outlets including The Temple Café –  the all-day dining restaurant, TIVANO – an authentic Italian restaurant, Jing Bar featuring live DJs, MIXUN Spa and Teahouse.














About MI XUN Teahouse

Situated in Chengdu’s trendy retail hub and within a historical heritage building at No. 7-8 Zhanghuali Lane, the teahouse is immersed in an ambience of elegance and tranquility that seems worlds away from the bustling city. The teahouse’s balanced offerings are light yet tasty and prepared with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The refined vegetarian menu at Mi Xun Teahouse is in turn inspired by the healthful dishes once served at Daci Temple. While serving fragrant Chinese teas alongside handcrafted desserts with just the right touch of sweetness, the “afternoon tea” is elevated into a unique experience with authentic Chinese charm. The full set of exquisite ceramics handmade by skilled local artisan in Jingdezhen designed to reflect the unique charm of the tea house. Whether one uses a coarse or delicate tea set to sample light or strong tea, taking the time to unwind within the shade of thick tree branches at MiXun Teahouse is a thoroughly uplifting journey for the senses.

About Zhuyeqing Tea

In the blessed high mountains of Emei, having endured the freezing snow, the buds of Zhuyeqing, along with over 12,000 rare plants in Mount Emei, awaken to a beautiful ray of dew-drenched sunshine. Each bud is at once shaped like a crescent and a drop of water, wrapping in its arm the energy it has stored for a whole winter and the vitality to embrace the coming spring. The tea in a 4-gram Zhuyeqing tea bag is made from 360 fresh buds. Steeped in water, the buds stand upright in the middle, rest vertically on the glass bottom, or dance up and down in the water. Taking a sip, one gets a taste of the mountain, the nature, and how the tea has been carefully made. It offers people a temporary getaway from daily trifles and worldly disturbance and allows them to find peace while quietly enjoying a cup of tea.

Zhuyeqing stands vertically and floats up and down in water. As a new Chinese green tea that has come to represent a high-end taste, it has earned itself a reputation for being a symbol for men of moral integrity. The tea has a chestnut-like aroma and a refreshing taste, as well as a rare quality that helps it stand the test of hardships. Honored the title “jade of green tea” by Sanlian Life Weekly and praised as “the acme of oriental tea”, Zhuyeqing is not only favored in Sichuan but loved by people across the world. It was awarded “the most beautiful green tea in China” at the 2014 Wanlong International Tea Convention and “the most loved tea brand among China’s rich” at the 12th award ceremony of the Hurun Best of the Best Awards in 2016, making it the first tea brand to make it into the list in the award’s history.


About The House Collective

The House Collective, including The Opposite House, The Upper House and The Temple House, is a group of small, individual hotels in Asia for seasoned travelers who seek a different, intimate and personalised experience in luxury travel. Each with its own distinctive character and sense of style, The House Collective is a group of refined, highly individual hotels that defy comparison.

For more information, please visit www.the-house-collective.com and www.thetemplehousehotel.com

About Swire Hotels and Swire Restaurants

Swire Hotels has been created to manage soulfully individual hotels in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the USA, providing a characterful experience for well-travelled individually minded travellers who seek originality, style and personalised service.  We create distinctive hotels with a sense of place that break with convention.

The company’s first hotel, The Opposite House in Beijing, opened in 2008 and was followed by The Upper House, Hong Kong, and then by EAST, Hong Kong and EAST, Beijing. The Temple House in Chengdu is opened in July 2015 and EAST, Miami will open in 2016.

A restaurant division was set up in 2013 to manage the company’s stand-alone restaurant operations.  Our first restaurant Plat du Jour opened in November 2013 followed by Public and Ground Public in Quarry Bay.  The Continental in Pacific Place opened in October 2014 and Mr & Mrs Fox in Taikoo Place in 2015.  Our latest addition, the second Plat du Jour opened in Pacific Place in January 2016.

About Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu

Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu is a 250,000 sqm (approx. 2,710,000 sq ft) mixed-use development located in the heart of Jinjiang District, south of Dacisi Road, east of Shamao Street and close to the popular Chunxi Road shopping area.  The project comprises an over 100,000 sqm (over 1,140,000 sq ft) open-plan low-rise retail mall; a 100-room intriguing urban hotel, The Temple House, managed by Swire Hotels; 42 serviced apartments as well as a 47-storey Grade A office tower, Pinnacle One.  The complex will be conveniently accessible from the interchange station of Metro Lines 2 and 3.

Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu embraces the historic Daci Temple and takes pride in the reinvigoration of surrounding heritage buildings.  Welcoming lanes, courtyards, plazas with architecture inspired by traditional and modern streets in the east and west make it unique in Chengdu. Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu won the Silver Award for Best Urban Regeneration Project in MIPIM Asia Awards 2012.

Scheduled for a phased opening from 2014 onwards, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu between Swire Properties Limited and Sino-Ocean Land Holdings Limited.

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