UK Visas and Immigration Launches New Visa Campaign

CBBC is pleased to announce that UKVI is tomorrow launching a new digital marketing campaign, ‘The UK is just three steps away’, aimed at encouraging Chinese people to visit the UK and improving their understanding of the UK visa service.

As part of the campaign, CBBC have set up a new Chinese language web page on the UK government website at to guide visa applicants through the process.

CBBC would be grateful if you could support the campaign by sharing or displaying the assets in the attached pack and including them in your regular communications. Details on how to download these materials are included in the pack.

UKVI also invites partners to follow the Weibo hashtag  #3步英签# and repost messages issued by the British Embassy. Next week, CBBC will be announcing details of an exclusive London shopping deal for travellers who submit their visa applications in April and May, featuring promotional offers from top luxury retail brands.

Click 2017 UKVI Global Campaign Partner Pack China for more detailed information.