Kempinski’s 120 year anniversary party and a glittering launch event for Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont Chengdu


Willow Stream Spa Launch Event – Fairmont Chengdu

Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont, Chengdu took guests on a lifestyle journey to showcase all that they had to offer at the newly opened facility.

The luxurious Spa hosted a three-day launch event including a media experience, a glittering ladies day and a gentlemen’s grooming day. Attendees were treated to a range of experiences, entertainment, therapies and workshops. It was the perfect opportunity for guests to witness the beautiful surroundings and try out some of the available treatments. Riviera West China enjoyed supporting Willow Stream Spa with event management and event production during these special occasions. Click here to see more photos. 


Kempinski’s 120 Year Anniversary Party

Kempinski’s 120th anniversary party took place last week, with each property celebrating the occasion. Riviera West China was supporting Kempinski Chengdu for their gala dinner, which was hosted inside their brand new ballroom. The centrepiece for the special evening illuminated, as a large customised birthday cake was presented to mark the momentous anniversary. Guests were treated to entertainment and music as they dined, toasted, and danced throughout the evening. Riviera was pleased to provide event production and design for this dazzling milestone. Click here to see more photos.


Coachella Experiments with State of the Art Tech

Donning vibrant and inventive outfits, over 125,000 concert goers were drawn to musical and visual feasts at the famous Coachella festival this year. The annual music and arts event showcases popular and emerging talents who perform mind-blowing concerts for all to enjoy. Absorbing the sounds and the sun is not the only element that attracts visitors, Coachella has carved a name out for itself by harnessing the most innovative technology to enhance stage settings and unparalleled experiences. This year saw countless spectacles such as ‘Chrysalis’, a giant-sized dome that took visitors on a virtual reality trip inside a cocoon, creating the most impactful immersive experience ever. HP Intel brought back their savvy gadgets that lit up the sky with 300 synchronised shooting star drones. H&M invited guests into their interactive tent, which served as a hangout spot, featuring video booths, photo opportunities and an illusional pop-up shop. From psychedelic performances to futuristic experiences, this year’s event was full of visuals to inspire our design and event planning team for our future concepts. Click here to read more. 


China’s Sculptural Bamboo Beauty

As bamboo design begins to roll out globally, we are starting to see new and impressive ways to revitalise the natural product for modern use. The super-sustainable material can be moulded into almost anything from, furniture to houses, and even fashionable jewellery. Chinese design firm Mimesis Architecture Studio, have recently introduced a new use for bamboo after they revealed the construction of a lattice-structured bridge in China’s Jiangsu Province. The bridge has a distinct texture and stretches almost 100 metres across the water, providing a beautiful Crossway for all to enjoy. China is still the only country that grows bamboo on a commercial scale and they previously hosted an International bamboo architecture biennale in the village of Baoxi, which showcased constructions by local artists. We at Riviera take pride in our stage designs and overall production of the event, which is why we are always experimenting with new concepts and styles for our clients. Click here to visit our website. 

现如今,越来越多的竹子设计出现在全球的各个角落,我们欣喜地看到设计师通过多种多样的手法让这个天然材料焕发出新的生机。这项可持续材料几乎可以做成任何产品,从家具到房屋,甚至到时髦的首饰。近日,中国的弥拟建筑工作室通过他们的新作品 – 对一座位于江苏省宜兴市丁蜀镇的廊桥进行了再设计,让人们对于竹子的用途有了全新的理解。这座桥有着独特的纹理,在水面上延伸近100米,可拆卸更换的竹网,视觉上通透,为桥面带来丰富细微的光影变化。行人可沿烟波浩渺的太湖之滨步上廊桥,步移景异。目前来说,中国是世界上唯一一个以商业规模种植竹子的国家。不久前于浙江省龙泉市宝溪乡溪头村举办的国际竹建筑双年展,更是全方位的向大家展示了本土设计师的多件竹建筑作品。里维拉对于我们的舞台设计和制作水品感到很自豪,我们一直致力于为客户提供独一无二的理念和与众不同的舞台风格。点击这里查看我们的网站。


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