Magazine Sponsors and Advertisers


This is our final call for advertisements to feature in our limited edition British Chamber of Commerce Southwest 20th anniversary magazine. As the most impressive Chamber publication to date, this will be a fantastic opportunity for you to make your institution known throughout the business world in the Southwest.  

Deadline: the 13th of June.
Ø  A celebration of the close 45-year diplomatic relationship between Britain and China, and of course the Queen’s 91st birthday!
Ø  To celebrate and share the great successes that our members have achieved with our help in the last 20 years.
Ø  To celebrate the cherished individuals internal and integral to the success of the Chamber; previous Chairs and GMs.
Ø  To promote the limitless opportunity in the Southwest of China, and in Britain. To convey the message that the Chamber/CBBC will only develop from strength to strength.

Ø  The largest, most impressive publication of Britcham Southwest to date.
Ø  2000 copies handed out to members, Government stakeholders, potential members and partners at the event and after.
Ø  Brand exposure alongside our partners and members at the event.
Ø  Main promotional material for the next 2 years.
Ø  E-copies sent out to potential members throughout the Southwest.
Ø  E-copies sent to relevant institutions, intergovernmental stakeholders in the UK with an interest in the Southwest region.

Ø  Inside Front Cover Page or Back Cover Page  = 5000 RMB
Ø  Two page spread= 5000 RMB
Ø  Full Page Ad = 3000 RMB
Ø  Half Page Ad = 2000 RMB