Pony Club 2017 Summer Camps

Pony Club 2017 Summer Camps

Australia Classic Summer Camp 5th-17th Aug 2017

With fresh air in a beautiful environment,

make unforgettable memories,

whilst surrounded by a colorful culture,

in the most unique camping experience.


Pony club outdoor education camp is located in a valley, surrounded by tranquil creeks, it has an amazing eco-system with many birds singing, flowers blooming and countless stars that shine at night, with all these things this would surely be an unforgettable experience for kids from cities.

Additionally, we shall ride horses along the beach, climb trees, go boating, cuddle with a kangaroo, have classes with kids from Channo School and wander around a local market….

For more details: 【Pony 2017夏令营】Pony Club 澳洲经典夏令营招募启动,名额有限欲报从速!


Mountain Huang Hiking & Persistence Camp


We should all read as many as we can and travel as far as we can. Give an experience a try and leave your kids for a while, let them be independent, let them hike on one of the most famous mountains in China, but most importantly let them discover themselves by interacting with nature.

Learning how to set up a tent, how to deal with some emergency situations and how to carve bamboo are amongst the many more cultural activities, don’t miss it

For more details: 黄山徒步·坚毅品格营|一步脚印,印证不同的未来


XinWenShiHai underground exploring camp

In Southwest China, is Sichuan, and in southwest Sichuan, lies the XinWen Karst Geo park, featuring a stunning underground cave.

Unlike many other exploring camps. The underground adventure is far beyond imagining. Cliff climbing, rappelling, hiking and tree climbing in karst geo park are on another level entirely.

For more details: 【Pony 2017夏令营】兴文石海,地心历险旅程的伊始!


Xiling Snow Mountain Camp

With 90% forest coverage, Xiling mountain is one of the most natural and beautiful areas around Chengdu. Yet the area is yet more impressive as it is also the habitat of a variety of wild animals.

Embrace nature, be friends with nature, come and join our camp

For more details: :【Pony 2017夏令营】西岭雪山,南方艳阳天里的一股清流!


About Pony Club

Pony Club (PC) is an international parenting club affiliated with the Sichuan LE HUO LE XUE Culture Communication Company. With the assistance of Asia Association for Experiential Education (AAEE) and Hong Kong Association for Experiential Education, PC was founded in Chengdu in 2013. It is primarily engaged in the promotion of experiential education.

PC is committed to organizing a variety of curricula including core member curricula, customized curricula, overseas camps and domestic camps designed for independence and growth among children and their parents. Based on KOLB Experiential Education Learning Cycle (concrete experience – reflective observation – abstract conceptualization – active experimentation), we aim to carry out GPSS curricula in hopes of improving generations to come. We focus on development of personal character, becoming more global, and social consciousness and awareness. We aim to train kids to be lifelong learners, and global citizens, capable of adapting to a pluralistic environment……


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