CBRE Tenant Profile and Demand Outlook Chengdu 2017


CBRE data demonstrates the ever-growing interest in Chengdu logistics market investment. The high-standard warehouse stock has amounted to 2.67 million sq. m. ended the first half of 2017, doubling the reading two years ago. As the consequence, the intensity of development has weighed on the market, leading to a rising trend of vacancy levels and eroding the negotiation power of landlords over the past few quarters. Logistics demand now tops the focus of the market. With aims to shed light on the structure of logistics demand, CBRE launched a survey focusing on the tenant profile of Chengdu high-standard logistics market in 2017. The survey covers more than 30 high-standard warehouse projects with total occupied floor areas exceeding 1.6 million sq. m.
Key findings of the tenant profile:

  • E-commerce and 3PLs rise to dominate with the on-line shopping boom.
  • 3PLs top the demand of two prime submarkets – Shuangliu and Longquan, while e-commerce dominates the markets in northern city – Xindu and Qingbaijiang.
  • Domestic occupiers serve as a key driver of high-standard warehouse demand.
  • 2/3 occupiers lease the space smaller than 15,000 sq. m., while large demand (30,000+ sq. m.) remains the focus of landlords.
  • GLP leads the development of high-standard warehouses with new entrants – Mapletree and Vanke anticipated to established presence in Chengdu within next two years.

  • 电商及第三方物流主导成都仓储物流市场需求。
  • 第三方物流占据双流、龙泉两核心板块需求端头把交椅,电商主导城北新都、青白江需求。
  • 中资企业仍是成都仓储物流需求的首要支撑,在需求端的贡献率共计高达73%。
  • 15,000平方米以内租户占比高达2/3,而30,000平方米以上大面积需求成市场重点关注对象。
  • 普洛斯领跑成都高标准仓储物流市场开发,未来两年丰树、万科将成为市场新进入者。

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