Event Review: Projects Abroad Business Briefing

On Tuesday 18th of July, the British Chamber Southwest China hosted a Panel Discussion about doing business in China with Projects Abroad for a large group of secondary school students who are very interested in Business. The event was held in the boardroom of the British Business Centre in Chengdu!

General Manager of the Chamber, Ben Metcalf, first gave the students an introduction to China and how its history and culture shape its modern business practices. He was joined later by Jasmine Gong from the China-Britain Business Council, and Jordan Porter from Chengdu Food Tours. Jordan shared his experiences as a foreign entrepeneur in China, whilst Jasmine told thestudents about how her work involves bringing Chinese and British Companies together for business. The talks were followed by a Q&A session in which the students had many interesting questions for the panelists.

Once the Questions had all been answered, it was time for the students to deliver presentations about the “One Belt One Road” initiative that they had prepared to the panel and the rest of the Chamber staff. They provided an overview of the economic and political situations of several countries along with details of how the countries would be affected by the initiative.

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