Morgan Classic Car Event

On Saturday 12th August, Morgan cars hosted a grand day of events here in Chengdu to show off a variety of stunning classic cars from a multitude of brands. The event featured a plethora of activities including a timed run, judging 100 year old classics, a British lawn tea party and gusts even got to test the cars out for themselves!  

Guests were able to appreciate and learn all about Morgan and these wonderful classic cars. The highlight of the day was a  long showpiece drive from Sanhe Classic Car Museum to the Fupeng Sheraton where we saw Morgan’s, Jaguar’s, Mini’s, Roll’s Royce, Bentley and many more showing off to the audience, which everyone enjoyed tremendously!

It was a fantastic family day out,  everyone  enjoyed themselves immensely learning about these beautiful classic cars.  Thank you to Morgan for hosting this event, to see all pictures from the day, please click here