VOCs: Invisible Killers in Your Home & Office II

In our last article “VOCs: Invisible Killers in Your Home & Office“, we talked about sources of chemical pollutants in your home & office and how to reduce exposure. In this article, we look at professional testing & remediation services.


At PureLiving, we always recommend testing prior to taking any professional remediation steps due to the fact that, with accurate data and analysis we will then be able to identify pollutants, pinpoint sources, and recommend the most appropriate solutions.  For example, installing a HEPA-only air purifier into a home with strong chemical odors will not solve the VOC issue.  In fact, it may lead to a false perception of safety––occupants will “feel” safe while in reality they are sitting in a potentially hazardous environment. Another example is if the source of VOC was your wooden bookcase, it would be more affordable and efficient to recommend removal of the bookcase rather than perform PCO (photocatalytic oxidization) treatment throughout your entire apartment! 


To help you understand your environment, PureLiving has designed a Chemical Investigation package, which uses a combination of real-time chemical sensors and certified laboratory analysis to precisely identify TVOC sources and levels in air and common household furnishings/objects.


This testing package is comprised of three components: air testing (3 points), TVOC sniffer testing (3 sources)and package bonus.



For professional remediation, photocatalytic oxidization is a type of remediation where a chemical (typically titanium dioxide TiO2) is vaporized and applied to furniture, walls, and floors in a room with high levels of odor or VOCs. The Titanium dioxide-coating decomposes nitrogen oxide (NOx), formaldehyde, benzene and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air.


The coated surfaces then become the treatment area.  When exposed to UV light, TiO2 becomes a photo catalyst oxidizer (PCO). The TiO2 facilitates the oxidation process of carbon bonds (which keeps most organic compounds like germs together) through a photocatalytic reaction. This reaction breaks up these bonds over and over again until only carbon dioxide and water (safe substances) are left behind.


In our experience, PCO treatment is most appropriate when levels of TVOCs or other gases are more than twice the safe level and need to be immediately reduced.  PCO treatment generally has an immediate effect of 40-90% reduction in levels. Approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is considered a safe substance that is harmless to humans.


The process leaves behind a clear layer which continues to inhibit gas release and is antimicrobial as well.  The clear layer will have no effect on surfaces nor will it change the texture of fabrics and furnishings. The oxidization process works better with light (artificial or natural sunlight), but also works (though at approximately 30-50% effectiveness) in darkness.治理过后留下的二氧化钛层的保护作用并没有结束,它将持续抑制气体的释放同时抗菌。这个保护层即不会损坏物体表面,也不会改变家具和织物的纹理。氧化过程最好有光(人工或自然光均可),在黑暗中也能发生反应(有效性约为30-50%)。

The coated surface’s lifetime can last between five and ten years, depending on the treatment of the coated surface and the surrounding conditions. Besides, re-testing is always recommended after initial application to check the effects.


In addition, purifiers containing active carbon/charcoal media can help control chemical off-gassing in the indoor environment (carbon filters can help aid in chemical absorption but should not be used in-lieu of fresh air ventilation).  BlueAir purifiers with Smokestop filters can not only control chemical build up, but are designed stylishly to fit seamlessly into any home or office.  Their contemporary look has earned the Excellent Swedish Design award, one of the most prestigious in the industry.



· The NGB Smokestop filter is composed of:Particle (HEPA) layer and Carbon layer


· The carbon layer eliminates odor, formaldehyde and VOC’s effectively, up to 98% removal rate

  活性炭层作用于特殊气味、甲醛和VOCs, 清除率高达98%以上

· The Particle (HEPA) layer captures 99.97% of all airborne particles (like pollen, dust, and pet dander particles) down to 0.1 micron in size


· For heavily polluted air with odors, formaldehyde & VOCs  (e.g. recently furnished), the carbon layer can be replaced earlier


· The Particle (HEPA) filter can be used on its own if chemicals filtering is not required. The carbon filter is not a standalone filter. For chemicals reduction, the Smokestop NGB version is recommended.



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