Event Review: Andaman Village Experience 16/09/17

On Saturday 16th September, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China, in cooperation with Andaman Village, organised a Day in the Woods Experience.

The day started off early at Tongzilin metro stop, where a shuttle bus was waiting to pick everyone up for the transfer to Andaman Village, which is a 90-minute drive from downtown Chengdu. At Andaman, we were welcomed by the staff, the three lovely pink ladies below!


First stop; reception and guide around Andaman Village (including the wonderful tree houses and the beautiful scenery)



After the guide around, a delicious lunch was provided by Andaman Village in order to prepare everyone for the upcoming activities!

The whole group was split up in three smaller groups. Each groups started with a different activity;

  • Zip lining
  • Rock Climbing
  • Horse Riding
  • Cycling down the dirt track
  • Archery
  • Walking between the trees via a air bridge


Zip lining;  Adrenaline kicks, spectacular views and lots of fun!


Rock Climbing; Easier said then done, requires some good techniques and serious muscles

Horse Riding; Fun and enjoyable activity. Those who could ride the horse themselves were set free to walk the horse down the path on their own, otherwise, one of the guide would walk with you.



Cycling down the dirt track; For those who are not afraid of getting a little dirty!

Archery: We all have a Robin Hood inside of us, but who can hit the bulls eye?


Walking between the trees via a air bridge; Enjoy the fresh air high up in the trees while looking over Andaman, magnificent! 

The BritCham would like to thank everyone for joining us on this amazing day! We are looking forward to the next Andaman Village Trip, and hope to seeing all of you there again!

For all the pictures made during this event, please click here.