Event Review: First Round-table Meeting Young Professional Representatives

Wednesday 20th of September, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China organised the first edition of the round-table meeting with young professional representatives. This meeting was organised in order to have an open discussion with members about what ”we” as a group can do for the young professionals community in Chengdu and southwest China. 

The Meeting started off with Ben Metcalf giving an introduction to the event; explaining the purpose, and highlighting the desired outcome.  Next, all attendees were asked to introduce themselves. 

Topics discussed included, but are not limited to; what challenges are being faced while doing business/working in SW China, the different resources available and how they are being used, best ways to enhance communication among the young professionals community, etc. 

Then, the open discussion/brainstorm session started. Everyone was asked about their opinion(s), their view(s), their experience(s), etc; with lots of good ideas and suggestions as a result. 

With lots of participants representing the young professionals of various industries in Chengdu and southwest China, the First Round-table meeting has been definitely successful.

The British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China would like to thanks everyone for joining this meeting, we are looking forward to welcoming you for the next!

Click here to check all the pictures made during this event.