Tempest Sport: Looking for Foreign Teachers to volunteer

Tempest Sports is  involved in a project to teach English to kids at Chengdu Special school. The school is split into 3 parts;

  • Blind,
  • Deaf,
  • Mental disabilities. 

Nevertheless, the school lacks experience and quality resources for teaching English as a foreign language. Therefore, we are searching for:

1. Resources: For example video lessons or curriculum of how blind/deaf kids learn English as a second language in other countries

2. Foreign teachers (part time, don’t have to be a native speaker): This part is split into two. This semester each class will have the chance to have at least one class by a foreign teacher. The second part is, students who are interested in English can take a weekly interest class.

The school is willing to pay the teachers for their services, but prefers volunteers.

For more information, please contact Robin Joel Roy on 1911565896@qq.com or call 18030756737