Event Review: Young Professionals Mixer Vol. 4 – 17/11/2017


On Friday 17th of November 2017 the BritCham & Chengdu Expat.com organised the fourth edition of Young Professionals Mixer.

This time, the event took place at the beautiful Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel Chengdu, located right in the middle of the famous Wide and Narrow Alleys. 

Over 100 local & international young professionals joined the event, making it a huge success! 

The event gave the young crowds of Chengdu the opportunity to network, meet-up with like-minded people in a business setting, but also to have a drink in a less formal environment. 


To top it off, a lucky draw was being held. Many lucky winners were selected for various prizes. 


Many thanks to our sponsors. 

Extravagant Yak:  a premier Tibet travel agency that has been helping adventurers and admirers alike discover the unseen beauty of Tibet for years.

Mandarin Blueprint: which teaches the most efficient ways of tackling the language while still keeping it fun; uses an abundance of learning tools and online resources and make sure you know the little language tips and tricks that natives often forget to pass on. 

S-Fit: The largest personal trainer studio in Chengdu! Get experience in bodybuilding, tattooing, fashionable sports gear and good nutrition supply. Everything about fitness is cool, and we have the one-stop service for you.

Laowai Here:  a diverse network of expats and locals developing new ideas together, as well as to help expats adapt to their life in China. “Laowai” is a colloquial term used by local Chinese to address foreigners in China.

Walnut International Co-working Community: a co-working place by building a meaningful community that houses not only entrepreneurs, but also freelancers, creative, startups and even branches of large corporations. They are empowering a new generation of labor to not only work, but also to connect, create, and innovate.

Please click here for all the pictures that were taken during this event.

Last, a big thank-you to our member company Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel as the event partner. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all again on Friday 19th of January for Young Professionals Mixer Vol. 5