YCIS: A Love-filled YCIS Community

Autumn is the season of harvest and YCIS has stocked up with love from our community! During our “All Classes, All Open, All Day” event, we welcomed hundreds of parents into our classrooms to experience learning with their children. The annual Smile Campaign shared more than 2000 smiles with the Chongqing and YCIS community! No one can forget the tasty food that our lovely parents prepared at the International Food Festival and we look forward to next year to try even more dishes. Our Language Week showcased many ways to express love in different language as our students explored culture and language in their subjects. Finishing off the month with our annual Book Week, we hope everyone has enjoyed the engaging events in November and we thank you for your continued support!

Please see the links below for more about our November highlights:

All Classes, All Open, All Day

On Wednesday November 8, 200 Primary parents arrived at the school gates, ready to experience a day of teaching and learning at YCIS Chongqing.  Our Open Class Day allowed parents to engage in, experience and explore a real teaching day at YCIS Chongqing.



We Smile in the Same Language!

On Tuesday November 14, YCIS Chongqing held its 3rd annual Smile Campaign. Students distributed over 2000 of our fantastic winning Smile sticker designs and inspired an equally loft number of smiles in the process.



2017 YCIS International Food Festival

The students, teachers and parent’s favourite lunchtime of the year was enjoyed on November 24 at our International Food Festival. Our wonderful parent community cooked food from their home countries for the school community to enjoy. 

11月24日,最受学生、老师和家长们青睐的国际美食节拉开序幕,热心的家长们精心烹制了代表各自国家的美味让这顿午餐格外丰富! 来自21个不同国家的美食让大家大快朵颐!


YCIS Language Week 语言周

Language Week has been an exciting time for the entire YCIS community. A time where students, teachers and parents have joined together to celebrate language. Students from ECE to Year 13 have engaged in a range of stimulating and creative activities that enhance their understanding of language and culture in all its forms.