Event Review: Duravit Factory Visit Chongqing

On Thursday 7th of December, the BritCham & the German Chamber of Commerce organised a factory visit to  Duravit (China) Sanitaryware Co., located just outside of Chongqing. 

Duravit AG, founded in 1817 and headquartered out of Hornberg, Germany, is primarily a manufacturer of porcelain bathroom fittings. Duravit is notable for having employed prominent designers such as Philippe Starck, sieger design, EOOS, Phoenix Design, Frank Huster, Christian Werner and Matteo Thun for its product lines. In recent years, the company has diversified its scope to include other products.

There are production facilities at several locations in Germany and abroad: Hornberg, Schenkenzell and Mei├čen in Germany, and in Bischwiller (France), Cairo (Egypt), Istanbul (Turkey), Chongqing (China), Bizerte (Tunisia) and Tarapur (India) out of the country. 

The visit started off with a warm welcome by a Duravit manager on arrival. Then, the factory tour started! During the tour we weren’t allowed to take pictures due to confidentiality reasons, so unfortunately we cannot show you the impressive state-of-the-art production facility. During this part of the tour, the whole process from raw materials – to the end product was shown and explained. Everyone was surprised by the extensive production process that comes along with producing toilets, who would have thought that such a simple product requires that much craftsmanship. 

After the tour of the production hall, a visit was made to the showroom in which the latest designs and creations were displayed. Before entering the showroom, our friendly manager kindly requested us to not try out the displayed toilets since they were not connected to running water.


Then, everyone was invited to the meeting room for a small presentation plus a Q&A session. 

The BritCham & the German Chamber of Commerce would kindly like to thank everyone for joining us, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! We are looking forward to seeing you again during one of our next events!

Please check all the pictures that were taken during this event by clicking here.