The Temple Café: x Bonpoint Christmas Afternoon Tea 咖啡厅携手Bonpoint推出粉色圣诞下午茶 邂逅精粹法式生活

The Temple Café collaborates with Bonpoint during this winter for a “Pink Christmas Afternoon Tea,” available daily from 11th of December 2017 until the end of January 2018 (RMB228/2 persons).

博舍The Temple Café 咖啡厅与法国知名童装品牌 Bonpoint 携手推出粉色圣诞下午茶。从2017年12月11日起至2018年1月底,于The Temple Café 咖啡厅温馨特供。 


This collaboration expresses both brands’ deep understanding of French luxury lifestyle that cultivates the precision of beauty. The Temple Café provides delicious all-day dining and French Bistro cuisine, as well as cozy and unassuming atmosphere to guests. Bonpoint dressed children around the world from the newborns to teenagers, providing children with savoir-faire and modern Parisian-look. Its sophistication has captured the hearts of the royal families and the celebrities around the world.

The Temple Café 咖啡厅与 Bonpoint 的合作是双方对于法式精粹生活鉴赏的表白。The Temple Café 咖啡厅全天候提供精致美味的轻法式餐饮, 每日不间断地为宾客服务味蕾欢愉时光;Bonpoint,凭借敏锐的时尚洞察力、精细的剪裁、精巧的做工和舒适的面料,让她成为国际时尚界的童装翘楚,受到世界各国的皇室家族以及名人明星的拥护与喜爱。


This afternoon tea set is inspired by Bonpoint’s signature pink. Layer by layer, The Temple Café’s pastry chef, helped to create and illustrate a dreamy, pastel Christmas afternoon tea set. Pink macaroons, rose mousses in shot glass with chocolate and nuts lollipop decorated the top tier. Matcha Christmas tree cake, vanilla panna cotta with mango tart, and mini cherry chocolate filled the middle tier. At the bottom tier, guests find mini salmon tart with sour cream, smoked turkey breast with Brussel sprouts and cranberry sauce, and home cooked ham with mustard on French baguette that are not be missed.  Beverages include matcha with cream cheese and strawberry milk to choose from.

Together, The Temple Café and Bonpoint reflect French understated elegance and luxury via this Christmas afternoon tea set.

For bookings and enquiries, please contact +86 6297 4191 or email:

The Temple Café 咖啡厅与 Bonpoint共同推出的圣诞下午茶以Bonpoint品牌的淡粉色系为灵感,诠释孩童世界的天真与烂漫。 最上层有甜心马卡龙、玫瑰慕斯、和坚果巧克力棒棒糖;中层有抹茶圣诞树、香草奶冻配芒果塔与迷你樱桃巧克力完美呼应;同时佐以迷你三文鱼塔挞配酸奶油、烟熏火鸡胸配甘蓝寄蔓越莓酱、和秘制火腿及带籽芥末,让慵懒下午茶时光惊喜层出不穷。饮料选择包括抹茶奶霜以及草莓牛奶以供选择。

在享受下午茶的同时,宾客亦可获赠由Bonpoint精心准备的小礼物 — Bonpoint经过两年悉心研究推出天然低敏护肤系列 ,不仅适合幼儿的稚嫩肌肤,也适合妈妈、孕妇及敏感性肌肤的成人。还有Bonpoint的炫彩缤纷香水。


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