Member’s Promotion: Extravagant Yak – Travel Writing Contest


At Extravagant Yak transformation is one of our core values, and because travel is a life changing experience, we get to live out this core value all year long. In fact, our value for transformation is what makes us passionate about every trip we run. This makes our job one of the sweetest gigs on the planet (in our unbiased opinion).

It won’t sound surprising to know that one of our favorite things in the world is hearing transformational travel stories. In light of this, we have decided to put on a writing contest to hear travel stories from around the world. The winner will move us in 1200 words or less with a story about traveling to a new place, and how that experience changed them personally. Did we mention there is a prize? The winner will enjoy a free trip to Lhasa & Everest!

It gets better. The contest itself has transformational impact that will spill over to others. The proceeds from this contest will help Extravagant Yak further the mission of, a platform for promoting Tibetan small businesses of excellence across Tibet.


The winner will write the most moving story about the transformational power of travel in 1200 words or less. The story should be sent to, and the criteria are as follows:

    • 1200 words or less
    • must be related to travel
    • fiction or non-fiction stories both accepted
    • double-space your document, and check for grammar and punctuation*
    • English only, use standard Times New Roman size 12 font
    • all contest entrants must be 18+ years old (by April 11, 2018)

*Disclaimer: this is an international contest that aims to be inclusive to those for whom English is a second language. Grammar and punctuation, though very important, will be judged as secondary to content.

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