Event Review: The Andaman World Earth Day (21&22/04)

On 21st&22nd of April, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China participated at the World Earth Day event in the Andaman village.



At 10 a.m, nearly 1,000 attendees participated in the charity hiking event. The length of hiking is from 2.5 to 4.9km. They breathed the fresh air in the forest for an aerobic walk.  The attendees who successfully reached the end before 14:00 got a Hubaba medal.



After enjoying the wonderful views, attendees were able exprience the activites at their lesiure. Which included the Flying Fox Climbing Area, Children’s Balance Bike,Trampoline Park and so on…  The Hubaba Adventure Park echoed with laughter.












‘Love Earth, We Work Together’! After a 10-second countdown, came the ‘Earth Hour’ time. We turned off the light and standed in the darkness. Therefore, we must call on the public and take action to protect our planet.




 It is important to appreciate the nature and acknowledge our Planet’s vulnerability and with fun outdoor activities like this we can raise awareness of environmental challenges in the community. Our BritCham team really enjoyed the lovely day out in the nature!