Member’s Promotion: Pony Club 2018 Summer Camps

Pony Club is an international agency focusing on teenagers/children character building education. Based on international PA and AEE experiential education curriculum, we create new, human-oriented and positive character education program following psychosomatic development rules. Children can receive valuable experience and spontaneously form behaviors benefiting both other people and the society through multivariate, concentrated, competitive and collaborative curriculum scenarios and curriculum designing.

Pony Club是一家致力并专注于青少年/儿童品格教育的国际机构,以国际PAAEE两大体验式教育课程为基础,为中国儿童创建全新的、人本的、正向的、遵循儿童/青少年心身发展规律的品格教育课程。多元、浓缩、竞争协作的课程场景和课程环节设计,让孩子从体验中提炼有营养的阅历,并自发形成利他人、利社会行为。

In more than four years of practice, we have been contacting thousands of children and their family, and different education system no matter it is public, private or international, from which we deeply feel how thirsty Chinese children are on personal growth.


In 2018, we have prepared a summer camp for children to meet the different needs. Let us work together to create fertile soil for the physical and mental growth of young children.



Introduction of Summer Camps 2018:

2018 夏令营介绍:


 America – Summer School Camp   美国·夏校营 

The first class American Summer — McDonogh School released by Pony Club for the first time. The American classic teaching method of “full immersion” in English learning and “learning in activities” not only improves the language skills of children, but also provides a pre-experience for studying abroad.

Pony Club首发美国顶级夏校—McDonogh School夏季课程。“全浸式”英文学习、“活动中学习”的美国经典教学方式,不仅提高了孩子的语言技能,更为留学生活进行预体验.









Finland – Sports Camp        芬兰·运动自然营

Sports in Finland have also attracted worldwide attention. In Finland, the children will be close to nature, realize the interaction between human and nature, feel the charm of outdoor sports, try new sports. Through those, children can learn and explore the Nordic natural science with different methods.










 Australia – Cultural Exchange Cam   澳洲·文化交流营

The Pony Club Australia classic camp will be the best choice for children who will participate in the overseas camp for the first time! The children will have a unique camp life, multicultural skills and an open international vision, as well as breathtaking water survival challenges.

Pony Club澳洲经典营会,一定是初次参与海外营会的孩子们的最佳选择!孩子们将拥有独一无二的营地生活、多元文化技能及开阔的国际视野,同时还有惊险刺激水上生存挑战···一起开启丈量世界的旅程吧!










Hainan – Sailing Cam   海南·帆船营

Sailing on the sea is the exercise not only for courage and wisdom, but also for personal character and the team cooperation. Children will learn the sea wind direction and wind speed, have a basic understanding of sailing and master the background knowledge skills to sail independently. After that, children will have skills to control a single boat and to steer and gradually become a confident single  boat sailor.










 Hainan – Island Survival Cam   海南·海岛冲锋营

In this Hainan camp in Shenzhou peninsula, children can learn first aid at sea, canoe balance training, surfing, directional hiking, snorkeling, and courage-challenging tower, a number of activities and projects. Come on, let the children experience with us and have the courage.











Kunming – Natural Potting Cam   昆明.采泥铸陶自然营

This is not a simple pottery class. The children would walk into nature and experience complete potting process: mining soil, making the embryo, getting firewood, glazing, kilning, waiting there and etc. During the camp, the children will also make pizza, bread, etc. by themselves. Children will be responsible for their activities and will develop their creativity.











Ningxia – The Desert Camp   宁夏·大漠观星研学营 

This is a very suitable study tour and graduation tour for the group! Live in between the stars and desert, know the vast sky, challenge desert on foot, participate in the desertification combating, study principles of wind power generation, walk in northwest village, and create a drama with wisdom and bravery










 Luxe Lake – Life Skill 麓湖·小马适应营

In order to help the children build up their independent capacity, we design a short term adaptation camp for 3-days 2-night. For the first time, the children will wash their clothes and set up tents, learn to make bamboo rafts and build a catapult. The combination of learning and fun can help children learn to adapt to the new environment quickly.










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