Member’s Promotion: Blue Sheep Craft Shop

Everyone has a purpose in this world- people who are here to help others. A 73-year-old British grandmother, Rachel, runs a little craft shop which sells various handicraft goods.

The artisan goods are made by 600 different craftspeople from 9 nationalities and 35 producers. Rachel works closely with the poor and disabled community in and around Chengdu to provide them with materials for hand-crafting. Blue Sheep is a portal to the consumer market for those people in need to receive income for their beautifully crafted materials.



Rachel went to Nepal when she was a college student. She was deeply touched by the medical problems of the poor people and she decided that her skills would be more useful there rather than in UK. She stayed in Nepal and commited to help the people in Nepal.



She worked in remote areas of Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet in China more than 40 years, applying medical treatments for the kids and training the local doctors.



After the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, there were many people who were left with no homes, no income and a need for help. All they had left were their own national culture and crafts. Rachel decided to help them. She opened the Blue Sheep craft shop in Chengdu and started to sell their handmade goods. Not only does she improve their lives by selling their products but she is also helping to maintain and introduce the cultural heritage.




You can support them by:

Address: No.35, second gaohua street, wuhou district, chengdu.

Search Wechat Shop: 岩羊手工礼品店 Blue Sheep

WeChat Official Accounts: BlueSheep-Community


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