2018 British Business Awards China

The British Chamber of Commerce in China is pleased to be hosting the 2018 British Business Awards in Beijing. In what will be the 10th anniversary of the event, we’re pleased to be presenting nine award categories, all of which are open for sponsorship. Don’t miss this chance to have your business associated with the premier award recognising British business excellence in China.

The British Business Awards 2018 Categories Are:

British Company of Year Award

Best Chinese Investor to the UK Awards

China-UK Culture Exchange Award

Innovation Award

Sustainable Business Award

Belt and Road Award

Diversity in Business Award

Entrepreneur of The Year Award

40 Years of Opening Up

This event will host over 400 guests from all walks of business, the evening will have many high-profile guest, among them:

Senior representative of British Embassy in China

Senior representatives of major UK companies in China

The chair and management of the British Chamber of Commerce in China and China-Britain Business Council

and many other VVIP guests


If you would like to expose your company at the forefront of the UK business community in China and have a creative input into the 2018 British Business Awards evening, with lot of other promoting opportunities, click HERE to read more about the sponsorship tiers.

For more information please contact Andrew.Whitestone@britishchamber.cn

or call +86 (0) 10 8525 111 ext. 704.