Event Review | Andaman Village Experience Day (29/07)

On Sunday 29th July, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China partnered with Andaman Village to provide a ‘Day in the Woods’ experience. This day entailed a number of fun outdoor activities utilising Andaman Village’s excellent facilities and luscious grounds.


The primary objective of this day was to bring our members together and facilitate interesting and fulfilling time to spend together outside of the traditional meeting room as well as display the high quality of Andaman Village as a location.

The itinerary was full of a range of challenging and leisurely recreations: triple-tier rope course, kayaking, archery, rock climbing, free-fall, zip-line and hiking. 

Andaman Village also kindly provided lunch for the guests which was exquisitely presented and involved a diverse set of delicious local Sichuanese dishes. 

All in all the day was a successful way in forging a sense of community between members and fostering relationships over shared joy through challenging activities atypical to the regular weekend activities!

Greatest thanks to Andaman Village for hosting this event.