Event Review | Advanced Manufacturing Focus Group Meeting

On Thursday 23rd August, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China organised the first UK Advanced Manufacturing Focus Group Meeting at bookworm.中国西南英国商会于8月23日(上周四)举办了首次制造业小组讨论会。
Manufacturing industry in Chengdu has made great progress and set up a relatively well-developed industrial system after developing for 30 years. Chengdu now is the new industrialization demonstration base, and also the base of some important industry such as aviation, aerospace, advanced materials and new energy.
However, as the strategic intersection of “One belt One Road”, Chengdu must aim to upgrade the manufacturing.
The meeting was devided to the blow sections.Why Southwest China?Benefits from One Belt One Road, rail transits to Europe is very convenient, takes 2 weeks to Poland and another 2 days to any European cities.为什么选择西南地区?   “一带一路”政策使得通往欧洲的铁路运输非常便利,运送到波兰仅需14天,到欧洲的其他城市也只用16天时间。
Facing Issue 1. Problems with supplies quality, Suppliers usually do not have advanced C&C machines;  therefore, the outputs are not up to standard.2. Good quality suppliers are available, but with higher price. A good balance between cost  and quality is vital.3. Automation will lead to low employment rate.4. CE certification is needed for export to EU markets.5. Continuous sales orders is important for survival and sustainability.

6. Cost of fabrication facilities are much lower than production plants.

7. Advantages of prefabrication is to make the buildings most flexible in usage.

8. Western companies bring new standard to China.

9. High staff turnover rate.

10. Young people are reluctant to join manufacturing for career, more options with  better image and working environment.


1. 供应商的质量问题,大多数供应商没有自己的C&C设备,因此产品很难达到预期的标准。

2. 能提供良好质量的供应商往往价格也更高,在成本与质量之间去的平衡是非常关键。

3. 自动化会导致就业率降低。

4. 向欧盟出口需要取得CE认证。

5. 源源不断的销售订单对生存和可持续发展的重要性。



8. 西方公司为中国带来了新的标准。

9. 高员工更换率。

10. 面对更多能提供良好前景和工作环境的行业时,当下年轻人大多不愿投身制造业。

At the end of the meeting,Roman,the chairman of BCCSW,gave a conclusion.1. There are many elements to make manufacturing a success, including:(1) Facilities(2) HR- manpower, training(3) Supply of raw material and components(4) Standard and compliance

(5) Sales and marketing

(6) Sales orders- sales channels

(7) Profit making

2. Manufacturers are encountering different kind of challenges or difficulties; we can exchange our ideas and work out solutions.

3. Suggest all attendees to invite friends joining us to collect more info, idea and resources.

4. Questions and suggestion are welcome; please post them onto our chat group.



(1) 企业的设施设备

(2) 人力资源管理及培训

(3) 原料和部件的供应

(4) 产品标准及规范

(5) 市场营销

(6) 销售订单与销售渠道

(7) 利润




Thank all attendees for joing this meeting!


Paul Sives —–Proton

Tony  & Wayne —– Sigma

Tristan Yang —– Inteliheat

Roman Leung —– M power

Lawrence —– BNBM House

Shirley —– Metal Craft

Kexin Tian —– Atom Tech

Paul O’Gara & Dannie —– Gardner Aerospace

Ming Du & Tobin —– China Fortune Land Development


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