Event Review | Back to School Education Focus Group Meeting

On 12th of September 2018, the BritCham Education Focus Group in Chengdu organised the first education meet up of the 2018/19 academic year. 


                                                                                                            There are three key sections of this meeting. 



 1. Round Table Introduction 


2. Breakout Session, it is intend to let everyone share ideas, resources and expand the network connection, This session involved the the main topics below:


Detail one chanllenge / problem your company has recently or currently facing.


What opportunities do the Education&Training Focus Group have to work together ?

教育与培训焦点小组有什么一起合作的机会 ?

How can BritCham give supprot ?

商会能怎么支持大家 ?

Speech Time


The following speakers released the upcoming event information form their side.



  • Ben Metcalf,the General Manager of BritChamSW announced all the upcoming opportunities and events with the education sector for the upcoming academic year.

    Ben Metcalf -中国西南英国商会总经理 同大家分享了接下来商会与教育领域相关的活动信息。

  • Rachel Zarranz, Principal of Soong Ching Ling International Kindergarten & Vice Chairperson of BritChamSW shared details about The Big Draw. 

    Rachel Zarranz- 宋庆龄国际幼儿园园长&中国西南英国商会副主席分享了大绘画的活动信息。

  • Liu Xiaome, the Director of Operation of Dragon Expeditions shared their project in Danba 

    刘晓梅- 登龍雲合运营总监为大家介绍了丹巴森林学校的项目。

  • Julina, from Education Travel shared the information about British Sports Festival 

    来自EDU travel的Julina分享了关于接下来英国体育节的活动信息。

  • John, the Marketing Manager of Andaman Village shared their upcoming activities 

    John- 安缇缦国际旅游度假区市场总经理介绍了安缇缦接下来的活动

  • Zhao Xuzhuang, from International Intellectual Sports Committee had a brief introduction about the upcoming 2018 Intellectual World Cup in Chengdu 


A big thank you to Dragon Expeditions to kindly provide their office as the meeting venue for us !

非常感谢 登龍雲合 为我们此次活动提供场地! 

We are looking for the venue of the next meeting, please feel free to contact us if you were interested in it.