Invitation: Pledge for Progress

    This is a great opportunity to share experience and learn from others across the business world to promotepractical and effective ways to improve gender equality within organisations.

    Your message of equality will be promoted to millions through being part of the Be Yourself campaignand raise your business profile.

Pledges made by other companies

Standard Chartered Bank treats all employees equally, and rejects any discriminatory acts against the opposite sex, different race and skin color. We pledge to have women occupy 30% of our senior roles by 2020; by July 2019,  through ‘GOAL GIRLS’PROGRAM to help at least 1000  girls at primary and middle schools study basic knowledge on economics, health,  communication, etc to grasp economic and living skills.


Teamrise Group pledge that, by 2023, we will offer 40% of jobs to female candidates in our HR recruitment process, provide skill training programs to over 30% of female staff members, and take appropriate measures to support the female employees to start their own businesses.

承诺到 2023 年,我们将在人事招聘中给女性提供超过40%的就业机会;为公司30%以上的女性提供技能培训并以合适的举措,扶持女性员工自主创业。

“我们承诺让更多女性担任企业发展的关重岗位,我们致力于做负责任的企业公民楷模,颂扬女性内在能量,充分实现潜能,深入开展“巾帼建功”等富有女性特色的争创活动,引导企业女员工参与劳动竞赛和科技创新,争做巾帼标兵;积极选拔优秀女员工典型,发挥女性领导力和幸福力,激励企业女性在改革创新中贡献巾帼之力。同样,我们愿与更多企业共同用商业的力量推动女性发展,引领更多女性做自己。” ~ Chang-An 



Lloyds China increases investment in leadership training for female employees by 20% each year for the next three years.

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If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, please contact Nina Liao, Comms Officer from the British Consulate-General Chongqing on or 18580551690.


如希望获取进一步信息,或希望参与或联合举办线下活动,欢迎联系:廖以,英国驻重庆总领事馆 新闻官员,, 18580551690。