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Free Trade Arbitration Center Established in Liangjiang    China (Chongqing) Pilot Free Trade Zone Arbitration Center was launched during Chongqing municipality’s first session of arbitration forum in Liangjiang New Area.  The center will provide Chongqing enterprises with training and consultancy services concerning legal arbitration in a bid to alleviate the area’s trade […]

Latest News in Southwest China

On Sunday 21st of October, seven industry experts from a variety of institutions attended a panel to focus on their representation of the UK and international education. A topic led discussion covered different ways of accessing and the requirements needed when planning for a British Education. 10月21日上周天,7位与教育行业的专家来到了与英式教育零距离活动现场,并通过几个主要问题从不同角度结合自己的实际经历巨细无遗的为大家进行了分享。        […]

Event review | Accessing a British Education

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. [Photo/VCG] First vehicles embark on journey envisioned for decades ZHUHAI – The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge enters the history of human engineering and connection as a point of pride upon its opening to traffic at 9am Wednesday. One day after President Xi Jinping announced its opening at […]

HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge opens to traffic

British Business Assembly consolidates the UK business community operating in Southwest China and gives introduction and overview of the various British government departments as well as organisations currently based in that region. British Business Assembly旨在巩固在中国西南地区的英国商业群体,并向大家介绍和解析目前 常驻该地区英国政府各部门以及机构。   The intention is to comprehend and learn about the support and services that […]

Business Opportunity: British Business Assembly

Guizhou Government Cooperates with Customs of China A Memorandum of cooperation was signed, to further economic development, between the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) and Guizhou Government, in the sphere of port development, trade facilitation, special spaces under the customs’ supervision and industrial structural transformation.     The […]

Latest News in Southwest China

  The Chengdu InterChamber Autumn Mixer event took place recently at Jinyue Restaurant Jinjiang Chengdu on Thursday 11th of October. Co-organised by: Britcham, AmCham, European Chamber, AustCham, SingCham, German Chamber, Italy Chamber, CCI France Chine and Hongkong Chamber. 中国西南英国商会于10月11日星期四晚在成都锦江宾馆举办了2018成都秋季商会酒会。这次活动由英商会、中国西南美国商会联合、澳大利亚商会、新加坡商会、欧盟商会、德国商会、意大利商会、法国工商会以及中国香港商会联合举办。               Networking at the Autumn InterChamber Mixer […]

Event Review | Chengdu Autumn InterChamber mixer