Business Opportunity: British Business Assembly

British Business Assembly consolidates the UK business community operating in Southwest China and gives introduction and overview of the various British government departments as well as organisations currently based in that region.

British Business Assembly旨在巩固在中国西南地区的英国商业群体,并向大家介绍和解析目前 常驻该地区英国政府各部门以及机构。


The intention is to comprehend and learn about the support and services that each department and organisation offers, how to engage with each other and to be informed of new information regarding any upcoming opportunities and activities over the next year.

活动目的在于帮助大家获悉并理解每个部门和组织提供的支持和服务,了解怎样取得有效的联 系以及时获取来年新的相关机会和活动信息。

The event creates excellent opportunities to meet different business associates both from UK and China and explore new potential cooperation possibilities/explore new possibilities for potential cooperation.

此次活动为大家提供了与中英两国不同的商业伙伴见面的绝佳机会,同时也创建了良好的合作 平台以帮助大家发现更多的合作机会。



What are the opportunities for partners or sponsors? 对于赞助方与合作方的机遇是什么?

  • Increase exposure to other potential clients 加强与其他潜在客户的接触
  • Raise profile awareness of your brand 提升企业形象与知名度
  • Focused target group for effective communication or consultation 与目标群体的有效沟通和咨询
  • Opportunity to make strong connection with local government and partners 与当地政府和合作伙伴建立联系的机会


Previous British Business Assembly 往届活动

Industrial Distribution 行业分布 :

  • Education 教育业           35%
  • Architecture 建筑业      20%
  • Healthcare 医疗              15%
  • Finance 金融                    15%
  • Others 其他                      15%

Attendees 参会人员分布:

  • Manager 经理                            55%
  • Senior Management 高管      30%
  • CEO 总裁                                     9%
  • Others 其他                                6%

Sponsorship Tiers 赞助等级












Event Details 活动细节

Time 时间: Monday 10th of December 14:00-17:00
12月 10日 星期一 下午 2:00-5:00
Venue 地点: Phoenix Ballroom, Longemont Hotel龙之梦大酒店负二楼龙凤厅
Address 地址: B2 Floor, No. 8 Jialingjiang Rd., Chenghua Dist., Chengdu四川省成都市成华区嘉陵江路8号
Ticket 门票: Members: Free 会员免费 Non-members: 200rmb/person 非会员200元/人


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