Event review | Accessing a British Education

On Sunday 21st of October, seven industry experts from a variety of institutions attended a panel to focus on their representation of the UK and international education. A topic led discussion covered different ways of accessing and the requirements needed when planning for a British Education.




The British Chamber would like to thank Knight Frank, a real estate company, for sponsoring the event and Zhongshuge for hosting the venue!




Special thanks to Elaine Gao, who was our honoured guest and the 7 industry experts:

特别感谢特邀嘉宾Elaine Gao及以下主讲嘉宾:Xiao Fang, Jenny, Angel Huang, Marina Zhang, Christine Yu, Dongcao Wu and Christina Zheng


Guests benefited from the topics discussed by the industry experts, giving them more knowledge about international education and the advantages of British Education.




Key Summary 

Most importantly, don’t forget who you are and where you come from! Be a unique individual, who brings their culture and background to enrich international education.



The UK is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. A world-class education with globally respected qualifications in their chosen academic discipline. 




Increasing globalisation means that international education can provide a competitve advantage when planning to futher your career prospects.



We are living in an international environment, getting in touch with and integrating as quickly as possible will help us to become a better global citizen.



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