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当日活动预览 Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 2018.11.24 | 17:00 迷你圣诞集市&萌宠爱心领养 Boutique Christmas Bazaar Chengdu Adoption Day Collaboration 2018.11.24 | 18:00 圣诞树点灯仪式,唱诗班表演 Performance, Carolling  Up-Cycled Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony   Please click “read more” at the bottom of the post for more details! 请点击文章左下方“阅读全文”获取更多信息!

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Tianfu Square Serviced Suites by Lanson Place was awarded the ‘Best New Serviced Residence in China’ by Business Traveller 逸兰( 富力)服务式公寓荣膺《商旅》中国最佳新服务式公寓大奖 The 14th Business Traveller China Reader’s Choice Awards Ceremony was held in Shanghai on November 15th, 2018. About 250 travel industry-related guests participated in the event. As in previous […]

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BritCham SW is delighted to support our member, International Intellectual Sports Committee with their event, the 2018 Intellectual World Cup. Joe White,  a member of the BritCham SW China Executive Committee, attended the opening ceremony on 16th November 2018. 11月17日~18日,“2018脑力世界杯全球总决赛”在成都隆重开赛,来自英国、美国、德国、法国等22个国家和地区的112名脑力高手齐聚成都,进行了为期两天的记忆、速读、心算三类六项比拼,争夺全球脑力运动员的最高荣誉“国际脑力健将”荣衔。 本届大赛由国际脑力运动委员会和中国英国商会共同主办、脑力中国担任赛事监督、大爱长青文化传媒承办、亿益教育冠名协办。“蒙面脑王”徐灿林担任本次大赛的形象大使,与国际脑委会、中英商会、亿益教育、国家级重点中学金堂中学、成都成华小学、成都义和小学等机构的领导和嘉宾共同出席了比赛开闭幕式。   Please click “read more” at the bottom of the […]

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