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中英科技创新营地 UK-China Science & Technology Innovation Camp TechCamp中国首站.成都,专门为儿童和青少年设计的技术工程教育学习计划。 我们的使命是通过其编码,电子和工程类假期营地和课程“激励明天的发明者”。 邀请8-13岁的男孩和女孩参加训练营,并向英国最初和最悠久的编程思维训练营的国际资深导师们学习。 TechCamp is delighted to announce a specially designed technology and engineering education program starting in Chengdu. Our mission is to ‘inspire tomorrow’s inventors’ through its coding, electronics and engineering holiday camps and courses. Students, both boys and girls aged 8-13 […]

会员动态 |英国STEM 创课思维 训练营 UK-China Science & Tech Innovation Camp

We are delighted to invite you to attend an embroidery workshop on the 20th of July, jointly organised by the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China and UKCNCC! Experience traditional European embroidery and discuss embroidery culture with instructors from the Royal School of Needlework.  我们诚挚地邀请您参加于2019年7月20号由中国西南英国商会以及成都中英文化交流中心共同举办的刺绣工坊!体验由皇家刺绣学院带来的欧洲传统刺绣文化。 This event is part of a continued programme of […]

Supported Event | The Royal School of Needlework Workshop

A strong economy, rising global consumer purchasing power, and digital innovation have all fueled record growth in the travel and hospitality industry, with China’s hospitality market being cited as “among the most important-if not the most important-markets for global operators” (ATKearney). Nevertheless, staff retention remains one of the biggest challenges […]

Upcoming Event | The 2nd Hospitality and Retail Seminar

EXECUTIVE PROGRAM FOR BUSINESS REPRESENTATIVES  成人高管商学院课程  The Oxford Institute aims to add value to business individuals who are already established business heads through their executive business programs. The programme is designed by senior professors at the University College at one of the world’s greatest universities, the University of Oxford. Oxford […]


Membership Benefits Package  Do you want to grow your business further in 2019-20? By joining the British Chamber of Commerce, you will give your business a great head start for the year ahead by connecting you with other leading UK and Chinese businesses, helping you to gain more connections, better […]

2019-20 BritCham Membership Scheme 2019-20年英商会会员计划

Join us this Thursday at our quarterly Education Focus Group meeting, alongside key industry stakeholders including international schools, language schools, education-consulting and extra-curricular companies.  This event will be a great chance to meet our core Education Focus Group members and to gain an exclusive insight into the British Education sector, as well as […]

Upcoming Event | Education Focus Group Meeting