Livable city of Sichuan Lezhi creation and sharing forum & urban development promotion meeting

Tuesday, 26th June, we were fortunate enough to be invited to the sharing forum for the urban development of Lezhi, Sichuan. Accompanied by our very own exco member Luo Yi, we watched several high-profile government officials, professors, and developers inform the audience of the plans for the development of Lezhi. The vast list of speakers included Peng Min, the Lezhi mayor, who led the meeting. The speakers voiced the huge opportunities for development, mentioning the abundance of industry, greenery and history, as well as its convenient position between Chengdu and Chongqing. The successful meeting ended with the government officials, together with developer companies, signing an agreement for participation in the development of Lezhi.

Mayor of Lezhi, Peng Min welcoming the audience and introducing our speakers for the meeting.

To begin, we watched a very informative promotion video introducing the plans for the project and explaining the numerous assets for development. For example, vast amounts of greenery, existing manufacturing centres, tourism opportunities, and it’s convenient positioning between Chengdu and Chongqing. As stated in the promotion video, the greenery of Lezhi accounts for over 40% of the area, which includes an abundance of green power sources. Additionally, the principal industries in the area being that of Fashion and automotive.

Deputy Mayor of Lezhi

Furthermore, we looked on as more representatives of the government explained their point of view with regards to the proposed plans. These included the deputy Mayor of Lezhi, as well as professors and important developers in the region. The theme of a ‘Green Lezhi’ was illustrated by each one of the speakers, creating an eco-friendly feel to the proposed development plans, which in today’s day and age is not only key for success, but also sustainability.

To end the extremely informative development promotion meeting, members of the government and development companies came together to sign a contract agreement, confirming their cooperation and participation in the urban development programme of Lezhi. This contract signing was met by a roaring round of applause from the eager audience.

Signing the contract agreement

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