The Belt and Road Conference | Event Review

On Thursday the 12th of November, The Conference of Tianfu New Area “Belt and Road” Alliance of Chambers of Commerce was held by the Chamber of Commerce in Tianfu New Area, located in Western China International Expo City in Chengdu. The British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China participated in the conference, along with various other chambers of commerce and business associations, to discuss the vast business opportunities contributed by the Belt and Road Initiative.

The conference agenda consisted of guests’ speeches, inaugural ceremony of the Conference of Tianfu New Area “Belt and Road” Alliance of Chambers of Commerce and Dialogue with the Builders of the “Belt and Road”. The guest speakers of the event were Zhang Jinlong, the Chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom, and Xia Hua, the founder of China’s leading menswear brand, Eve Group.

Matt Ryan, the Chairman from the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China, was one of the guests taking part in the panel discussion regarding the achievements and future objectives of the Belt and Road’s position in Europe. As the United Kingdom remains the global centre for finance and professional services, Mr Ryan welcomed the fellow participants to consider partnering with UK firms with future projects.

Besides discussing the enormous business opportunities and economic growth that Belt and Road has to offer, Mr Ryan also highlighted making the world a better place through increased business. In addition, he assessed the cultural developments being the key to the long term success of the project.

The conference was organised with the intention to enhance regional connectivity and help all parties achieve mutually beneficial results through cooperation. With this in mind, the chambers of commerce and business associations have a role to act as bridges to build an important international platform of Belt and Road cooperation.